Effective mentoring is critical to the success of the TN-CTSI. The TN-CTSI has a pool of mentors with active funded research program that will provide a suitable environment for trainee research projects. Mentors have a strong mentorship track record, history of successful translational research, ability to commit the time required for mentorship, and a strong personal commitment to the academic success of junior faculty.

TN-CTSI Mentors

  • UTHSC College of Dentistry
    Franklin Garcia-Goday, DDS, MS, PhD, Professor, Dentistry and Bioscience Research
  • UTHSC College of Graduate Health Science
    Donald Thomason, PhD, Dean and Professor, College of Graduate Health Sciences, College of Medicine (Physiology)
  • UTHSC College of Health Professions
    Stephen Alway, PhD, Professor and Dean, Physical Therapy

    James Carson, PhD, FACSM, Professor, Physical Therapy

  • UTHSC College of Medicine
    Kenneth Ataga, MD, Professor, Medicine

    Jim Bailey, MD, MPH, Professor, Medicine and Preventive Medicine

    John Bissler, MD, Professor, Pediatrics

    Dennis Black, MD, Professor, Pediatrics

    Mace Coday, PhD, Professor, Preventive Medicine

    William Cushman, MD, Professor, Preventive Medicine

    Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, MBA, Professor, Medicine and Endocrinology

    James Dale, MD, Professor, Medicine, Infectious Disease

    Robert Davis, MD, MPH, Professor, Biomedical Informatics

    Marshall Elam, PhD, MD, Professor, Pharmacology

    Jay Fowke, PhD, MPH, Professor and Interim Dean, Preventive Medicine

    Mitchell Goldman, MD, Professor, General Surgery

    Joan Han, MD, Associate Professor, Pediatrics

    Neil Hayes, MD, MPH, Professor, Internal medicine

    Gregory Heath, DHSc, MPH, Professor, Internal medicine

    Eric Heidel, PhD, Associate Professor, Surgery

    George Huang, DDS, DSc, Professor, Bioscience Research

    John Jeffries, MD, Professor, Cardiovascular Institute

    Karen Johnson, MD, PhD, Endowed Professor in Women’s Health, Preventive Medicine

    Csaba Kovesdy, MD, Professor, Medicine

    Rebessa Krukowski, PhD, Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine

    Michelle Martin, PhD, Professor, Preventive Medicine

    Jennifer Martindale-Adams, EDD, Associate Professor, Caregiving, Aging, Dementia

    Johnathan McCullers, MD, Professor and Chair, Pediatrics

    Linda Nichols, PhD, Professor, Preventive Medicine

    Simonne Nouer, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine

    Guiseppe Pizzorno, PhD, Pharm D, Associate Dean, UT College of Medicine in Chattanooga

    Phyllis Richey, PhD, Professor, Preventive Medicine

    Saunak Sen, PhD, Professor, Preventive Medicine

    Jeffrey Towbin, MD, Professor, Pediatric Cardiology

    Ari VanderWalde, MD, Associate Professor, Hematology and Oncology, Associate Vice Chancellor of Clinical Research

    Johnathan Wall, PhD, Professor, Medicine

    Robert Williams, PhD, Professor and Chair, Genetics, Genomics and Informatics

  • UTHSC College of Nursing
    Anne Alexandrov, PhD, RN, CCRN, ANVP-BC, NVRN-BC, FAAN, Professor, College of Nursing, Acute and Tertiary Care

    Donna Hathaway, PhD, FAAN, Professor, Nursing

    Wendy Likes, PhD, DNSc, APRN-Bc, FAANP, Professor and Dean, College of Nursing

  • UTHSC College of Pharmacy
    Junling Wang, PhD, Professor, Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science
  • UT Institute of Agriculture
    Soghra Jarvandi, MD, PhD, Associated Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences

    Laura Stephenson, MS, PhD, Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences

  • UT Graduate School of Medicine
    Michael Karlstad, PhD, Professor, Surgery

    Deidra Mountain, PhD, Associate Professor, Surgery

    Dustin Osborne, PhD, Associate Professor, Radiology

    Paul Terry, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Medicine

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