This page contains examples of forms/tools needed while conducting research studies.  These are to be utilized as examples/guides and will need to be revised to fit the needs of your particular study.

Incluson/Exclusion (I/E) Eligibility Document
  • TN-CTSI Eligibility Document
  • Informed Consent Process (ICP) Continuation of Participation Documentation Form
  • TN-CTSI ICP Continuation of Participation Documentation Form
  • Manual of Operations (MOP)
  • NIH Guide for Developing a MOP
  • Recrural Retention Plan
  • NIH Recrural Retention Plan
  • Screening/Enrollment Log
  • TN-CTSI Screening and Enrollment Log
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • NIH Standard Operating Procedure
  • Training Log
  • NIH Training Log