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Team Science

Team science seeks a collaboration of efforts when addressing a scientific challenge, combining the strengths and expertise of professionals, often trained in different scientific fields. 

Team science is cross-disciplinary science with members in different scientific fields working together to combine views and vision in a single research venture/project. The team science approach has shown to be successful in advancing science and developing successful policies and practices. On this page you will find links to information and articles regarding the team science approach in research.

Quarterly information and updates, including additions to i2Insights blog and repository, i2S Talks YouTube channel, and links to recent conference presentations. The latest issue has new FAQ about stakeholder engagement and where i2S fits among transdisciplinarity, systems thinking, action research, science of team science etc.

Facilitates knowledge sharing among individuals engaged in, studying, facilitating, and supporting team science, in the US and internationally. It is maintained by the SciTS team of the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.  Subscribe or view the archives.

A one-stop-shop for resources to help you lead, manage, facilitate, support, or study team-based research.

NUCATS provides scientists with consultative resources and expertise in order to accelerate how quickly transformative scientific discoveries make their way to patients and the community. It is our goal to continually increase the quality, safety, efficiency and speed of innovative clinical and translational research.

NUCATS is a member of the Clinical and Translational Science Award Consortium, part of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences; a founding member of the Regional Chicago CTSA Consortium; and an inaugural member of the Strategic Pharma Academic Research Consortium for Translational Medicine.