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NIH Resources

Fundamentals of the NIH Grant Process and Need to Know Resources

Every successful journey starts with a good foundation. If you are new to working with NIH, this video will answer key questions. Where do I start? Where’s the funding? Where do I turn when I need help or advice? What opportunities are available and how can I find them? What’s the application process and how long does it take? This video will walk you through the grants process and give you an overview of key resources and websites you will need to be successful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czS19f5Di_I&feature=youtu.be

Clinical Research Policy

  • The Clinical Research Policy Program focuses on the regulatory and policy issues related to research involving human subjects, biospecimens, participant data, and the integration of bioethical considerations across the NIH research portfolio.
  • This program focuses on improving the efficiency, organization, and advancement of clinical research. It serves as a nexus for ongoing harmonization, streamlining, and optimization of policies and requirements concerning the conduct and oversight of clinical research, and addresses a wide range of topics.
  • https://osp.od.nih.gov/clinical-research/clinical-research-policy/