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The goal of the Tennessee Clinical and Translational Science Institute (TN-CTSI) is to enhance the translation of research in order to improve human health by fostering innovation in research methods, training, and career development. The ability of the TN-CTSI to successfully meet this goal will depend on the engagement of the clinical and translational scientists and community partners to participate in educational, scientific, and programmatic activities of the Institute. By being engaged and becoming a member, our TN-CTSI can provide guidance toward specific resources that may be vital to the completion of a research project. As a member you will also receive information about the latest research news, training, and funding opportunities available to you through the TN-CTSI. Membership is open to every department and all colleges at the UT.

If you are affiliated with a university or college and would like to become a TN-CTSI member, the below Membership Application must be completed including submission of a current biosketch, curriculum vitae, or resume and translational research interests.

Please click here to review the Directory of our Current Members.

Appointments for faculty will be available in the categories of Senior Scientist and Associate Scientist depending on faculty status and academic rank. Staff and students will be appointed by their designated category.

If you are a potential community partner and are interested in becoming a TN-CTSI member, please see the Become a Community Partner webpage for instructions on how to apply.

TN-CTSI Member benefits include:

  • Training and Career Development

    • Provide training in health disparities research, clinical and translational science research, epidemiology, and biostatistics
    • Link faculty with opportunities to develop their careers in clinical and translational science research with a focus on health disparities research
    • Provide mentoring for junior faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students interested in health disparities research

  • Research

    • Identify opportunities in clinical and translational research in the focus area of health disparities research
    • Link researchers with other investigators as research partners
    • Assist in the development of grant proposals
    • Provide symposium and seminars on the science of health disparities
    • Provide symposium and seminars on clinical and translational science methods
    • Fund pilot projects in clinical and translational research with a focus area of health disparities
    • Provide BERD consultations
    • Provide Recruitment Innovation Center consultations

  • Community Outreach

    • Link researchers with community organizations, state agencies, and industries interested in health disparities research
    • Assist with recruitment and retention of underserved populations in research studies
    • Provide navigation services to identify clinical and translational science opportunities
    • Train volunteers as lay navigators and community health leaders
    • Engage the community in clinical and translational science opportunities

Membership Application

Instructions: Please fill out this form as completely as possible so that we can understand your interest in research. Items marked with an asterisk(*) are required.

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    Publishing Agreement

    The TN-CTSI intends to publish information (e.g. name, degrees, email address, and areas of interest) about the members on the TN-CTSI website so that other persons with similar interests can find each other. Please select the items that you wish to be published to the following on the TN-CTSI website:
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